You have decided to buy a cheapest used cars to buy. Most likely, look for possible options on popular ad sites. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of the optimal search algorithm.

We cut off suspicious ads

Fraudulent and junk ads will take your time at best and money at worst. Avoid ultra-low price offers. Usually these are ads of two categories.

The car is not actually sold

The car in the ad is offered at an extremely favorable price — 30-40% below the market. The description states low mileage and excellent condition. Perhaps, the reason for the low mileage cars for sale near me is even indicated, they say, money is urgently needed or something like that. It would seem a sin not to call.

Than threatens. The seller will ask you to book a car by sending money to the card and then it will disappear.

How to recognize. During the call, the seller will briefly tell you about the car, answer the buyer’s questions, explain why he urgently needed money and is selling the car. In the meantime, the fraudster will clarify the buyer’s location, name a place within 25-100 km where you can supposedly see the car — and offer to book it by sending 1,000-30,000 rubles to the card, citing high demand.

In such ads, the car is usually photographed in a vacuum — it is impossible to determine the location of the shooting from the pictures, the license plates are hidden. Fraudsters do this on purpose to name remote inspection sites.

How to protect yourself. Do not transfer money to the merchant on the card, even if the offer seems to be very profitable.

Artificially knock down the price or lure into the salon

Dealers-private traders place a series of advertisements for the sale of a popular model at a lower price, counting on an artificial decrease in the average cost in the secondary market. The phone number indicated in such ads is always unavailable. It is possible to determine fake offers without a call by the number of views (there are thousands of them) and how long ago they were placed.

Another option is super-cheap offers from car dealerships. The function of this ad is to make a potential buyer call, but rather come. By the time of the visit, this car was allegedly already being sold, although in fact it was not. If you haven’t sold it, be even more careful. Perhaps the car is in a terrible state, or if you buy it in small print, the contract will force you to buy additional equipment at inflated prices. For example, interior rugs for 100 thousand rubles.

Than threatens. When buying, waste time on empty hopes and miss out on really good options, considering them too expensive. Selling, you run the risk of parting with the car at a reduced price.


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